5 local and Asian onscreen couples

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5 local and Asian onscreen couples Empty 5 local and Asian onscreen couples

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5 local and Asian onscreen couples

1. Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing
These two are simply the Unbeatable pair ever since they played the gambling couple Luo Qifang and Yan Fei in the landmark 1993 series The Unbeatables, which spawned two sequels. Whether intentional or not, keeping their romance to the reel side of things is a smart move, if only to maintain audience interest and widespread adoration. More than a decade later, folks are still cheer in excitement at their onscreen collaboration, the most recent being last year's The Ultimatum. Not only have they stood the test of time, they're apparently insulated from vicious vitrols. While there were scathing bombs a plenty for 2009's critical drama flop in several areas from contrived plots and characters to wooden acting, no one laid a finger on the partnership between these two veterans.

Reel to Real chances: 0% Zoe's happily married and mother of two (rumour has it she's pregnant again) and LNX divorced wife Yang Libing in 2005 after an 11-year marriage.

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