Zoe in new paper yesterday

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Zoe in new paper yesterday Empty Zoe in new paper yesterday

Post  Lee Lin on Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:35 am

In the yesterday new paper, the one that comes free, has a full page on Zoe and Fann. It was an old pic when they were being interviewed for the Ultimatum. But Zoe looks so beautiful with straight fringe framing her eyes, absolutely gorgeous features she has. No wonder Joanne Peh said that Zoe has perfect features. The interview was on what the celebrities would get as christmas gifts for certain artistes. Zoe said she would give FW a much needed holiday to rest and relax with her hubby and also try for a baby. FW said she would give Zoe a bag, the brand starting with 'H" knowing Zoe luvs bags.

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